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You mean you never labeled
your garbage before?


-P a g e s-

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Christmas page 4    Christmas Page 5 & 6 to be added before X'mas 2000.

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Hosted by 'Yours Truly' and Comedy-Man J.


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Junk Yard Directory:

gif1 Page
dollar symbol gif
rotating small checkered ball gif
Ringing Alarm Clock
new,new,new,new,new gifs
BIG animated musical note
group of musical notes
pinoy connection logo
large Philippine flag gif
flashing warning board
wooden e-mail sign


gif2 Page
heart.gif  book.gif
film reel.gif
twin electric aliens.gif
1999 all nba team.ipeg
REXUS Regine site.gif
one dollar.gif
green question mark.gif

gif3 Page
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san miguel beer.gif
bomb devider.gif
cousin Eva.ipeg
back to the future.gif
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cute brown puppy.gif

gif4 Page
guess which shell.gif
pink flower.gif
Nude Lara Crost.gif
small musical note.gif
more note.gif


gif5 Page
musical guitar.gif
look glasses.gif
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Tulfo ad.gif
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golden star.gif
star bright poem.gif
spinning frown face.gif
red musical note.gif
spinning e-mail letters.gif

gif6 Page
the night sky (background)
cat among the stars gif
spinning Sax.gif
corner baby gold star.gif
2nd baby gold star.gif
poems & songs about loneliness
silver frost star.gif

gif7 Page
movie lights (background)
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spinning pc monitor.gif
cartoon planet gif
brown tail-wagging mutt.gif
calculating fingers.gif
walking yellow pages.gif
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cat playing the violin.gif
black cat.ipeg divider
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e-mail circling gif
silver balls timer.gif

gif8 Page
(Start of Holloween page)
Mr. Bones animated coffin.gif

gif9 Page
punkin lanterns (background)
Full moon eclipse.gif
Star of David.gif
My pet squid.ipeg

gif10 Page
Haunted grave yard(background)
tunnel miner.gif
3d bones.gif
dark blue planet.gif

gif11 Page
Spider web (background)
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gif12 Page
green musical note
click here.gif
cool with sunglasses
cross with shadow
small Philippines flag.gif
revolving blue guitar
revolving golf cross
Regine's 1st Asian album.ipeg
coming soon!
Regine's picture Page.gif
blue webby award.gif
light blue neon
Pops Fernandez.ipeg
pink neon tube
pink neon tube
white webby award.gif
smiling face.gif
pinoy site.gif

gif13 Page
hole in the web page.gif
green revolving turtle
Dawn Zulueta home page.gif
polar beer.gif
8 happy faces!
Pops Fernandez Poster.gif
Women celebrities.gif
Regine in black & white.gif
blinking neon tube
little juggler
blinking neon tube
Regine 1990 album in gray (3x)
multiple happy animated smiling faces
musical old radio box
green bouncing exclamation mark
two Java lamp lights
green revolving musical note
I Love You.gif
painter with paint brush.gif
flying songbird.gif
Zelfred's web page banner
puppies wagging their tails
revolving planet earth.gif
e-mail me license plate

Gif 14  Page
'Nobody touch my Regine CD..'
Pops Fan On Site!
Maybe..and that's final!
"You're Reason Enough"
"Oh, Please!!" Let's not argue.
They are all good but- Among the sonbirds
REGINE is the Peacock. OK? Good.
"WARNING! Touching my Regine CD without
asking permission is dangerous to your health."

gif15  Page


Gif16   Page
snowman shaker.gif
happy holidays.gif
rolling santa-Merry Christmas.gif
red & blue popsicle divider
small snowman with broom
blinking Merry Christmas.gif
snall santa in chimmey
moving santa sled
puppy in stocking
x'mas tree.gif
Christmas tree
blinking tree
x'mas tree.gif
'from me to you'
white background

gif17 Page
raindeers pulling 'Seasons Greetings'
snow by the window.gif
Christmas light house
fire place.gif
snow storm house
blinking fire place
Animated Merry Christmas
Raindeer lites divider
Merry Christmas sign
black background

gif18 Page
electronic Christmas sign board
snowman tipping his hat
electronic greeting board
snowman shaker
big snowman shaker
santa snow shaker
raindeer lites divider
happy hopping santa
santa sled goes by
black background


Gif19 Page
black eye-glasses with wipers
red moving LES divider
Max's Chicken House.gif
Pancake House.gif
Waving hand.gif
Webby Awards.gif
Gimik Pinoy.gif
tanikalang Ginto.gif
Pops Fernandez web site banner

Gif20 Page
welcome in neon.gif
stars in box.gif
cool dude walking.gif
e-mail me man.gif
2birds on a wire.gif
animated light-blub.gif

Gif21 Page
Charlie Brown Tribute

Gif22 Page
more Charlie Brown tributes!
coming soon...

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