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Is it time for Buffy The Vampire Slayer yet ?


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- Holloween Story -

It wasn't intended but as a kid I visited a pal
on a Holloween night after 10pm. I rang their
very loud doorbell and his mother thought it was
pranksters. She started shouting
(via-intercon speakers)
and got me so startled that I took off running.
And laughing too when I stopped and thought about it.


When the next year's Holloween came around I wonder
if she would shout something again. It was close
to the same time as the year before and there she was
shouting again against people coming in that late hour
for trick or treating. " You kids should be home! "  Etc, etc.


And suddenly a new tradition was born for me. It continue
for a few more years
(I missed one year) always showing up
around near their bed time to ring their bell on Holloween.


It may have been Cheap trills but was priceless fun to this kid.
I never told my old pal living there about it all that time.  hehe..



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You can calm down now Mr. Ghost       
It wasn't that scary a story



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My new pet. Since he ate the dog. So he's the new guard squid.


Will post more Holloween gif's in Oct 2000.
Check out these pages again later on then.


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