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Whoa... it got dark real fast didn't it ?








Oh, but I like night. 
Especially the night sky.







I wonder when E.T.'s coming back.






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the  stars  over  there   even  look  like  a  cat!







it's  a  big  beautiful   sky  out  there ...








Night  time  is  always   a  good  time
to  listen  to  music  and  dream  romantic  things.

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Unfortunately ... 
it  is  also  the  worst  time  to  be  alone   and   lonely  too.




Another day
another night
and still you're not here
by my side with me
its been one long lonely memory ...

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The day is ending
and the same old pain appears
that deep shade of
memories of you that I miss
these days I'm losing sleep
over those painful memories ...

And here comes the night
and here I go
out of my mind again

Here comes the night
and I find myself
missing you ....
wanting you ....
needing you ....

Here comes the night

again ....

"Here Comes The Night"   - B.Manilow


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you'll remember me somehow
though you don't need me now
I will stay in your heart
and when things fall apart

you'll remember one day...

one day in your life
when you find that
you are always longing
for the love we use to share
just call my name
and I'll be there-

- Michael Jackson
- Andrea

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( Words to midi playing )

I need your love
believe what I'm saying
Jenny, I need your love ...

You're my only girl
the only one for me
In this lonely world
you're all I want to see

touch me and you'll feel it
close your eyes and you will see
you're the only girl
the only one for me-

"Jenny" by Barry Manilow


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I been wishing on a star
to lit up where ever you are

I been hoping for a dream
hoping it'll make the best of everything ...


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" Dedicated   to  those  who  know  how it feels  to  be  in  love  at  heart  &  Spirit. "

Back ground song: Manilow's "Jenny "