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To my collection of Christmas gifs. Unwrapped and ready to go!

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Surely you gave someone a cyber X'mas card before??

Shame on you if you haven't. Today's gifts should be personalize with a part of you with it.

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You love her or him then spend a little extra time putting part of your heart in the gift. And give it some style and class. Add a gif to it!

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-Which tree shall it be this year? I certainly enjoyed picking out a Christmas tree
for my best friend once. I was so use to seeing fake trees in everyone's house it was
'neat' seeing a live one. I'm not really sure if we even grow those kind of trees
in the country. I always thought they were growing them in Baguio because of the cold
climate up there. Turned out they were getting them from the Americans in Camp John Hay.
And they were getting them from Clark Air Base, Pampanga. And they were getting them
from Subic- the US navy base in Olongapo. And they were bringing them in by ships so the
US Servicemen can have that touch of a home christmas. Since I'm sure a bunch of trees were
reserved for the Americans by the Manila Bay US Embassy, you can bet allot found their way
into the houses of filipinos via the blackmarket or from the big hearts of some Americans.
And we in return turned them on to our colorful creative christmas lanterns of all shapes
and sizes. Up to now I still keep this idea of making & selling lanterns in the US.
And if you like how that sounds then let me tell you about my lumpia fastfood outlet idea
for malls in California and other places and call it "McLumpia". hehe...

"Hey. Where are you going...?? "

I haven't told you about my B-B-Q stands across America idea yet!
How does "Bar-B-Q Chicken lips" sound to you

Aba.Think about it.   hehe...


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