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MusicMan's GiF Junk Yard


I been making allot of my own gif's for several of the music artists pages I make.
Here's a few of them :

certkt (resized) (Copy 1).jpg (8422 bytes)

Here's your ticket to enter....

regine_r2k.jpg (7200 bytes)

WHOA... seat number 5?! Hey, I knew the security guard.  hehe...

r2k_logo.gif (23049 bytes)



        nobodytouch1.gif (9708 bytes)  pfansite.gif (3132 bytes)

      maybe1.gif (8584 bytes)       reasonenough3.gif (10082 bytes)

please3.gif (9509 bytes)

Nothing worst than trying to argue with a Nora Aunor fan.

WB01591_.gif (3829 bytes)


warning.gif (7662 bytes)

smiles.gif (1524 bytes)

And nothing is more serious than taking any of my CD's without asking!

neoarule.gif (1971 bytes)

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midi song playing : " Hero "

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