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Regine gets set as she prepares
to swing on stage for her number.
( just kidding )
I think this was still during her 'Narito Ako' era.
And it was a long one. She did plenty of shows during
this time before she finally headed back to the studio.

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Coke was once a major sponsor of Regine's concerts.

I went down to their San Fernando bottling plant
to try and dig up some of her rare
Coke posters.
All I could find where cases of empty
Pepsi Bottles.
no, no, that's not true. But the marketing person
there did say she wanted a
Regine poster herself!

Gave me a number to call in Makati (disconnected)
and an address in Tondo. But I doubt I'll be going
without a Marine escort. Looks like the only way
we're going to see a new
Regine Coke poster is for
Coke to make another business deal with her.
yes, yes, that's all fine and dainty (no pun intended 'So')
just make a new poster will ya!

Maybe a poster of her pouring Coke all over her body. haha!
Calm down, I'm only kidding. ( I think. Hmmm. It might work. hehe..)

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- R e g i n e 's  M u s i c  R o o m -

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