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whats-new-words.gif (8345 bytes)          - A P R I L   2 0 0 0 -


-Saturday 13 May: New material finished. Sus. Got delayed big time. But Regine's new bulletin boards are done.


23  A p r i l  -  S u n d a y                      

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Special Lady...


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Regine! I got both good and bad news for you-

The good news is we don't think the new car
you got for your birthday was carnapped.

Now for the bad news...
You said you parked it here on this very spot?
Right next to that sign your leaning on? hmmm...
I think we might have found a clue.  hehe.

Does the words 'towing fee' mean anything to you?

So, since we're walking-
Would you like to take a stroll through Luneta?  : )
I hear the flowers are delicious this time of year.

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reg_dome2 (resized) (Copy 1).jpg (4874 bytes)

Posted in Regine's pIcTuRe BiN

red_b_fly2 (resized).jpg (10199 bytes)

H o t  s t u f f ...


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9 Apr -Fans reaction and comments to Regine's R2K concert
are being posted in the Picture Bin as they come in.
New shots of Regine modeling some clothes (I believe) she
may have worn at the concert are in the Bin too. Another
2 front magazine covers came in today are below this line.   

                   flash_mag1 (resized).jpg (22132 bytes)                     sunday_rv1 (resized) (Copy 1).jpg (19499 bytes)

4 April -See a preview of those expensive yet, sensational!
drawings of the dresses Regine will be wearing this week at the Araneta Dome.
Inside Regine's Bulletin Board area.
( I like to bid p2,800 a month for a few years for the 2rd one. )

woman_lines (resized).jpg (21742 bytes)

Unposted pictures (1Meg) are still waiting to been seen! Since we're lyrics writers more than being song writers we played
with a couple of songs during a party we had. I just love the way
this old classic song was revised to fit the excitement
several nice fans we've met were feeling.

Check it out HERE. arrow2.gif (5450 bytes)

woman_apr (resized).jpg (20570 bytes)

They look alike (sometimes)
they even can sing alike.

But these two peas from the same pond
are as different as midday & midnight.

cateyes.gif (1031 bytes) "Meow! "

You can say that again Kitty.



Also visit Regine's Picture Bin this week leading up to
the concert day. I'll be posting some misc. pics that will
be just popping up in there without being announced on this page.
I'll be testing to see if It is easy to load material from outside
the province without using the source computer or the main web
program. If you see anything going haywire please don't panic.
It's not a virus. It'll be just me messing things up. Does anyone
know where the 'escape' key is??
Just kidding...


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hotnews.gif (5697 bytes)  Regine was named one of the 10  hotnews.gif (5697 bytes)
most sexiest people in Asia!!

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How about clicking up and voting
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please naman ... help us help arrest fans on the net.
FIND! I mean find fans! Excuze me.



midi playing: " Please Be Careful With My Heart "

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