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page 5 of gif Junk Yard


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If a picture paints a thousand words
then why can't I paint you?




( Probably because I would get arrested. )




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made you look. hehe ...





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"At the Copa...
Tarzan was there
eating a banana-"

(the song goes something like that...)







For the Politicians -
who don't know how to keep their mouths closed!


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Well, It's the only picture I could find
of my favorite exciting newspaper writer.
Boy, his articles are something else!




  Always drink a Coke

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After a good joke!



sounds catchy no?

anyone out there works for kaka-cola?



Now back to more gif's-




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Star so bright
Star of right
first star
I see tonight-


will she ever
see the light?







She might?...




What's that suppose to mean??




'stupid star...'

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It's this web page that got me started with making web pages. I kept playing around
til I fixed my silly mistakes. (which I still make)  At the begining I did not think
making web pages would be a better distraction than my last work. Which was
managing a bingo palor. Or 'quake-killing'. Now I find it not only useful but important.

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Next on the board-MP3 on some of our recorded material.

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" Hey Karen! No more sweet tarts candy for me? "


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"Gif Junk Yard"

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midi playing : " Can't Smile Without You "