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Don't you just hate being a eyeglass user when it rains?

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How many times do I go blind because my glasses get foggy?

Course they also fog up when i get kissed too. Just don't kiss with your glasses on. hehe...


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I like to take this opportunity to talk about 2 of my most faborite eateries in the malls.
It's the kind of food that probably give you a heart acttack but that's why they're so good.
Who wants to eat rabbit food and live forever? Anyway, I'm talking about the Pancake house
and Max's Fried Chicken House. Sarup?  shut-up! Talaga. I like 'em. hehe..

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Crunchy chicken lips. hmmm... And the pork chops at the pancake house.

I'll marry the first woman related to anyone who owns one. How does this friday sound?



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Hi Mom !


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